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Blog Ideas For Teenagers

Date: August 22, 2012 Author: ang Category: How To Blog Tags: Comments: 0

I've decided to brain storm some good blog ideas for teenagers. I would recommend starting a blog using A Blogging, for the most part, requires consistency over a long period of time. Blogging 3 hours a day or 3-5 posts per day will lead to a successful blog in 1-2 years. Your posts should be at least 250 words long. A successful blog generates $100-$1000/month and receives 1000+ unique visitors per day. The biggest reason most blogs fail is because bloggers give up, or they don't choose a popular topic to blog about. It would be ideal for a teenager to start blogging in high school and throughout college. By the time a teenager graduates from college, he/she will have a powerful blog hopefully complimenting his or her career. A blog not only generates advertising revenue; it provides exposure. A blog owner can easily market a product on his blog to all the blog traffic. Below is a list of great blog ideas for teenagers based on the criteria considered above.

Blog ideas for teenagers

  1. Relationship advice blog - If you plan on being a psychologyst, it would be a great idea for you to create a 'relationship advice blog'. Everyone has relationship issues and you could use it to market a book or counseling service once you begin your profession later in life. Blog about what you learn in class as you learn it. Re-hash your favorite article from similar blog, but go into more detail or focus on providing more examples so that you're not copying content.
  2. How to draw blog - Blogging about art in general and art lesson you learn in class as you're taught them. Eventually, you will have a large following from your blog you can either sell your art or art lessons to.
  3. How to Program tutorials - If you plan on becoming a web developer or computer programmer, you might consider blogging short tutorials as you learn the different programing languages. People will access your tutorials for learning and implementation. It's also possible to sell scripts from your blog once it gets popular. There are a lot of programmers in the world and the number should only increase over time. The large amount of traffic should make the advertising revenue for this type of blog significant in itself.
  4. Healthy recipes blog | Diet dieting blog - If you're going to school to become a nutritionist, this type of blog would be a good investment. The amount of people looking to be healthy and lose weight is huge. The advertising traffic from this type of blog would be significant. It would also allow you to market a book on dieting, or a related service.
  5. Math tutorials blog - If you're good at math, or maybe you're required to take a lot of math to get a science degree, this blog would be your best choice. You could also market an online match tutoring service in addition to ad revenue.

If you have problems with grammar use an online grammar checker tool like WhiteSmoke. "If you have time", try to use proper keyword research when choosing your blog topic to start a post on.

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