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How To Get More Youtube Views

Date: August 12, 2012 Author: ang Category: SEO Tags: , Comments: 0

Youtube is the best video blogging website on the internet and a great way to build a targeted following to funnel to your money page. Below is a list of essential tips you should use to make the most of your Youtube Channel and generate more Youtube views.

How to get more Youtube views

  1. Keyword research - When you upload your video to Youtube, make sure to populate your 'Title', 'Description' and 'Tags' fields with carefully researched keywords. Intermingle your keywords into your 'Descriptions' field, so that it looks natural.
  2. Make a video response - By creating a video response to a very popular video with similar subject matter, you are sometimes able to entice viewers into watching your video also.
  3. Tell people to share your video - If you've watched many videos on Youtube, then you probably heard many authors telling you to 'like' and 'subscribe'. It works, and I recommend suggesting this to your viewers on all your videos.
  4. Allow comments and video responses - Allowing comments and video responses increases your videos exposure. When people comment or create a video response, others will see their activity and your video. Comments also create more content for search engines to pick up and direct viewers to your video.
  5. 'Social network' your video - You probably have a Facebook account, Twitter account, Blogger account or a Google+ account. Why not share your video on those social networks to further increase views?

Monetized youtube it is a great online source of income. Make sure to do your 'chores within the first week you post your video to Youtube, since Youtube gives new videos an edge over old ones.

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