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Word Count

Free Voice Blogger Instructions

  1. The Google Translator only works in Chrome. If you don't have Chrome, download and install it.
  2. Click 'From: Detect Language' and select 'English'.
  3. Click the microphone icon inside the translate field and speak into your mic. Example "my dog has fleas period"
  4. Click the microphone icon inside the translate field, speak into your mic and stop talking when you're done.
  5. Touch up the text then copy(Ctrl+c) and paste(Ctrl+v) the paragraph into the 'Word Count' field.
  6. Press the 'Count Words' button to see how many words you're up to. 500 is enough for a proper blog post.
  7. When you're done, copy(Ctrl+c) and paste(Ctrl+v) the text from the 'Word Count' field into your blog post or word document.
  8. I highly recommend installing Chrome's 'After The Deadline' grammar and spell checker: