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logos designed at



Logo design is $40 - $350. Because the complexity of a logo can very significantly, you will need to submit quote request using the form below. I will respond with a cost and time estimate as well as consultation.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when creating a logo.

  1. Will it be cheap to print? The more colors you have in your logo, the more it will cost to print.
  2. Will the logo be legible in small print or at a distance? Simple logo's with few words will be most legible.
  3. Will the logo fit on my website? If you look at most websites, the logo is usually very short vertically and roughly three times as long horizontally. Most WordPress themes are designed around this commonality.
  4. Are the colors aesthetic? A website must match its logo. You can't have a purple logo without having purple in the website also. Don't create a logo with colors you don't want in your website.

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