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Would you like to write for us? is accepting guest posts. We're always looking for great article writers related to websites, web design, internet tips, online business, SEO Google products and related. If you would like to submit a guest post to, click the link below along with the requested information.

Guest post guidelines

  1. One link is allowed per post and will be placed at the bottom of the article along with the author's name.
  2. Within the first two thirds of the article, you must include two links to a live article. (keyword and url of your choice, not the home page)
  3. The article you post may not exist anywhere else on the web. I research all articles, and if I find out you're submitting someone else's content or what seems to be spun articles; I will not let you post on ever again.
  4. All contributed articles must be 250 words minimum and written using proper English grammar.
  5. You can include a maximum of 2 outbound link in your post, linking to resource information relevant to the article. If I can tell you're shaping the article around backlinks to your website and not relevant information, I will have you rewrite the article.
  6. No referral links of affiliate codes are allowed in the article.

A backlink to your website and a short bio will be placed at the end of every article you post at

How do I get started?

Contact with some background information on yourself, your blog(s), writing experience, and the topic of the article you wish to contribute. I will respond to the request in 1-2 days.