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Best Free Blog Hosting Sites

Date: May 27, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Internet Tips WordPress Tags: Comments: 2

What are the top blogging or blogger sites?

Here is a list of the 5 best free blog hosting sites

Below is a list of the best blog sites 2012 to host free blog website services along with their current Google Page Rank(PR). Even though they are free blogging websites, you can upgrade them to have a domain for a fee.

  1. wordpress PR 9 ( The blog is almost as east to use as Tumblr, and it's more SEO friendly.)
  2. blogger PR 9 (This blog is just about as good as the free WordPress blog option.)
  3. tumblr PR 8 (The best blog for artists, photographers, and anyone who enjoys trendiness. The easiest blog to use. This blog is more social then WordPress or Blogger. This blog is the hip scene right now.)
  4. livejournal PR 8 (The blog options is slightly outdated, but it has a very social atmosphere.)
  5. weebly PR 8 (A better option for creating a static website more so than a blog, but it does offer a nice professional web 2.0 design to use for a blog as well. Not a very artsy or social blog. )
  6. Google Sites PR9 (Google sites is a better option for creating a static website. The templates suck though. You can also use this option to create a blog, but again the templates sucks. I'm surprised Google hasn't 'canned' this service yet.)

Google owns Blogger and Google Sites. Google intends for Blogger to be for blogging and Google Sites to be for website making in general. You can create websites and blog on both services, although Blogger is easier to blog with, and Google Sites offers more website like features.

The reason I wanted to create this post is because I see a lot of posts out there describing the 'top 10 free blog websites' or 'free blogging sites', and the list is inaccurate. Most of the time I'll see blogging websites with a PR of 0-5 listed above blogging service websites with a PR of 8+. Free blogging companies love to create false free-blogging-websites-lists while inaccurately intermingling their poor quality free blog website in. Anyway, I wanted to set the records straight, and I don't see a point in listing more than the five 'top' services.

If you have time, create a test account on all the best free blog sites and see which works best for you.

  1. Date: August 2, 2012
    Author: Mike

    Hi Ang, Really cool blog you've got going on here. I agree that WordPress is the best free blog currently available. They have so many plugins and themes available to choose from, Also another bonus is that if you move to a paid hosting service you will be familiar with the setup of WordPress which will make your transition so much easier. Regards Mike [Reply]

    • Date: August 3, 2012
      Author: ang

      I agree. I really like the amount of control and options self hosted WordPress allows. [Reply]

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