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Clever website names

Date: July 23, 2011 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design domain names Tutorials Tags: , , , Comments: 0

Naming your website should ideally also be your business name. Many successful online companies have different company names then their domain name. Most of the obvious website/business names are already taken. Here are some useful tactics you can use to create clever website names. You might also consider using a domain name suggestion tool.


Clever Website Names - tactics

  1. Make up a catchy name that's not even a word like 'Zambibo' i.e.
  2. Combine two words together.
  3. Combine pieces of words together, for example you can combine the words 'logic' and 'ezine' to form 'logizine' i.e.
  4. You can replace words with numbers for example the phrase 'love to run' could be changed to ''.
  5. There are catchy phrases that you can add to words to form domain names like '123', 'abc', 'alltheway'. Some examples could be '', '' or ''.
  6. Hyphens can also be used in domain names. For example '' is a valid domain name.

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