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Create a photography website

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Create a photography website that's professional looking, easy to update, and can generate website traffic for just $16/m under the Affordable Website Package. Turnover time for a website is usually 5 days.

If you need inspiration on what photos to use, try Tumblr. Tumblr blogs make great use of photography. Here are some samples of Tumblr photography.

Click on the themes below to preview them:



You can easily create a photography website using these themes when you purchase the Affordable Website Package. Included is web hosting, a custom logo, an email list, a Craigslist ad and a blog(for generating website traffic). These websites do not use flash and are mobile device friendly.  Theme 3 allows for optional background music that can be turned off or on. When you create your photography website with us, we will also setup Google Analytics so you can monitor your website's traffic. We also setup and link a Twitter account for your blog to help speed up search engine indexing. We setup security plugins so that you don't have to deal with constant comment spam.  The photographs you upload to these websites are automatically re-sized to fit the theme.

If you'd like more information on the Affordable Website Package, please (click here).


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