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Facebook Surveys For Notes

Date: June 6, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Tags: Comments: 0

Facebook Notes used to allow you to create lengthy timeline posts. Facebook used to have a character limit it 5000 per Timeline post. Using Facebook Notes app, users could post up to 65536 characters per Timeline post. Trying to post more than 65536 characters in the Facebook Notes app results in this error message popping up:

"Publish Note Failed

Note content is too long. Please keep your note shorter than 65535 characters."

Recently, Facebook increased their Timeline post character limit to 63201 so there's no real reason to use the Facebook Notes app unless you are looking to put HTML markup in your post.

Below is a list of survey and quiz listing website you can use for Facebook or any other social network website.

These sites have many predefined surveys or quizzes to choose from:

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