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Free Icons

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Right mouse click any of the icon images below and select ~'save image as..' to save the icon image to your computer.

The icons includ a web hosting icon, alert icon, arrow icon, box bulb icon check box icon, info icon, error icon, box minus icon, plus icon, question icon, brush icon, bulb icon, calculator icon, calendar icon, camera icon, car icon, truck icon, shopping cart icon, cart icon, basket icon, cd icon, music icon, chart icon, graph icon, pie graph icon, bar graph icon, check-mark icon, click icon, time icon, download icon, email icon, file icon, document icon, file image icon, pdf file icon, floppy disk icon, folder icon, directory icon, game controller icon, game pad icon, joystick icon, heart icon, help icon, home icon, image icon, ipod icon, journal icon, keyboard icon, levels icon, locker icon, marker icon, pencil icon, pen icon, mic icon, microphone icon, mouse icon, network icon, flowchart icon, phone icon, smartphone icon, iphone icon, pin icon, tac icon, airplane icon, play icon, plug icon, plus icon, power icon, printer icon, question make icon, radio icon, recycle icon, repeat icon, search icon, settings icon, settings icon, shield icon, speaker icon, speech icon, star icon, tablet icon, target icon, text icon thumbs down icon, thumbs up icon, target icon, text icon, music note icon, twitter icon, user icon, member icon, video icon, movie icon, wand icon, magic icon

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