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Google Project Glass

Date: June 23, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Tutorials Tags: Comments: 0

Google's technology is usually extremely practical, but Google's never been #1 when it comes to user interface design or design in general.

Google recently launched 'Project Glass' created at GoogleX and during their interviews they've detailed what is significant and valuable in regard to the project.

  • Taking photos easily.
  • Using GPS and navigating.
  • Social media.
  • Taking video easily.

I believe Google mentioned these options because they believe they're attainable and they're useful to the public, but what about other options?

The Google Glasses are in competition with Smartphones devices. Will the Google Glasses be able to do everything else smartphones can do? As it is now, I'm not even sure if you can navigate a web page using Google Glasses. Can you type using the Glasses or do you have to talk out-loud? Are there controls for gaming on the glasses like there are on smartphones?

These are important questions to answer since few people can afford a smartphone and Google Glasses and people will choose whichever one is more practical.

Photos of the Project Glass device prototype:

To stay up to date on Project Glass.

To stay up to date on apps for Project Glass.

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