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How Much Do Bloggers Make?

Date: April 20, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Business How To Blog Online Advertising Tips Tags: , Comments: 0

Based on my own blogging experience it takes about 400 blog posts to generate $1/day profit. This is a formula that may only pertain to my methods of blogging. There is an average traffic rate I'm finding per post that allows me to assume this average. Blogging is sort of like fishing. One blog post may not generate any traffic, and once in a while a post will generate 200% traffic for a while. How much do bloggers make? It varies depending on the popularity of his blog subject matter. The more popular your blog topics are, the more traffic and money(adSense) you'll make. Your blog's popularity is also weighed against the number of blogs competing against yours.

Here are the methods I use when I blog:

  1. I try to pick blog topics with less then 50,000 competing web pages. You can check a blog topic's competition by simply Googling the topic. Surrounded the search term in quotes. The number of search results is the competion.
  2. I also use the Adwords Keyword tool to check how much traffic my blog topic gets. I don't waste my time blogging on topics that get less then 20 'Global Monthly Visitors'.
  3. I make most of my money selling products from my website. I pick topics that will bring potential customer to my blog. I pass on blog topics that will attract competitors, create competition or attract potential unreliable customers.
  4. I prefer to write tutorials. Tutorials are easier and quicker to blog then opinions and stories.
  5. I prefer a hosted WordPress blog with a custom theme.
  6. I use AdSense for click revenue.

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