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How To Find a Blog Topic

Date: May 7, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design How To Blog Internet Tips Tutorials Tags: Comments: 0

Here is a list of very effective ways to find blog topics to blog about. These methods work with any blog topic and reader demographic.

Use Question & Answer sites to find blog topics

People Google the web to find solutions to their problems. Create accounts at these 'questions/answer' sites and pay attention to the common questions people keep asking. Make sure to choose a category that relates to your blog subject matter. Instead of answering people's questions on these sites so the sites can profit, answer the questions on your blog so you can reap the ad(AdSense) profits.



Be your target audience

What do the people in your blog's target demographic do? If you write about healthy living and there's a new exercise trend called P90x, sign up for their newsletter. If the FDA labels eggs 'all you can eat' start eating more of them. You will naturally find topics to blog about like 'where is the cheapest place to buy eggs', 'discount DVD sales', 'sources of fiber' etc. I like this method the most, because you will find yourself able to blog before your competitors about important news and answers.


Predict the trends

Life evolves and changes. If the weather is going to change soon, how may that affect your blog audience? If the FDA changes their view on eggs and promotes daily egg consumption, the price of meat is going to go down to compensate while the price of eggs goes up. If more people are using mobile devices, desktop hardware is going to get cheaper. Be the first to write about something important people haven't thought about. This will impress your readers and help promote return visitors.

If you have any other good ideas on how to look for a blog topics online please let me know:

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