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I need a website

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"I need a website." Are you sure that all you need is a website? For a website to be successful online, whether it's for business or personal, you will need more than just a website. You will need, a logo for branding, an email list to keep track of your visitors, a professional look so that visitors realize you're credible and proper SEO. These are just the fundamentals you need for a website to be prosperous. You can't start branding and collecting emails after a website is successful; you need these essentials at the start.

You will also need to blog 1-5 times a day as well as monitor your website traffic and popular blog topics using Google Analytics.

This article was written to help people, that need a website, learn how to go about creating a successful website.

Free Website:

It's really easy to create a website for free, just go to, or
If you want to create a website that generates web traffic and new visitors, there's actually more to

Search Engine Friendly:

To generate traffic for your website you'll need to make your website 'search engine friendly'. Free
websites are really subdomain websites. Subdomain websites don't offer the proper domain name or
unique IP address required for optimal search engine recognition.
A 'search engine friendly' website requires a web hosting account and a domain name.
The average web hosting costs about $4-$8/month. The average domain name runs $9-$25/year.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

If you have a website that sells cars, and your website uses an image gallery and a phone number,
you'll never get traffic. People use search engines to find websites and search engines define websites
based on their text content. To make your website search engine optimized, makes sure you
describe your products in detail using text. Search engines recognize text
content, text formatting, the position of the text of the page and more. Search engines can also
down-rank a website for having broken links, and other signs or poor coding. It's best to have a
professional make sure your website is optimized correctly.

Backlinks or Inbound links:

Search engines rank your website higher depending on how many backlinks your website has
or how popular the websites are that link to your website. People are not stupid and many savy website
owners make their own backlinks from free websites and online profiles they create. There's a constant
battle between search engines and savy website owners trying to fool the search engines. Right now,
search engines are losing the battle. Many websites are generating their backlinks and it's an
unfortunate necessity to stay competitive in the online world.Backlink services sometimes called (Website SEO services or Page Ranking services) cost

Email List or Newsletters:

I'm sure you've heard of newsletters, email lists or email blasts. When you have a product peole want,
a newsletter is a helpful way to let them know when you're having a sale, new products or new rates.
Interested customers don't have time to check a website every day to see what's new, and this is a
handy solution for them. People sign up for newsletters from a form on your website, or you can sign
them up yourself using an admin.Email List programs cost about $7-19/month.

Complete website packages

A shotty website won't survive very long and is a waste of time and money for both website owner and
hosting provider. offers a complete website package and an SEO package to cover all important aspects of a
competitive website.

Affordable Website Plan - $16/month

SEO Plan - $33.50/month


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