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I Want An Online Job

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i want a job on internet. I want to make a living online. What job can I have online... I hear this a lot...

I make a living off an online job, so I thought I'd give some real insight on the topic. First of all, don't quit your day job. Work your regular full-time job, and devote 3-5 hours a day to your new online job. Yes, you will have to spend your life starting a new business in the beginning. It will probably take you 1-3 years before your online job starts to pay for your rent, food, and gas bills. Once your Online job starts to require more time, quit your day job, and find a weekend job. Devote the rest of your free time towards your online job.

Lead Generation

  1. Join local business associations.
  2. Send out flyer adds : Spend about $80/month on this.
  3. Used local AdWords advertising. Spend about $200/month on this.
  4. Create a website with a blog, and create at least 5 blogs posts a day containing subject matter your target audience would be drawn to. Make sure to have a visible link to your service somewhere in the blog.
  5. Post a professional looking advertisement on Refresh the post every 3 days.
  6. Create a account create connections. Comment on related posts once a day.

What online businesses can I start?

  1. The quickest way to start making money right now it to create a Diablo3 account and sell legendary items online. Estimated earnings are $50 day for 8 hours of play.
  2. If you can code in HTML and understand FTP you can start a website hosting reseller business. Example:
  3. If you have basic office application experience you can start a Cloud hosting reseller business. Example:
  4. If you have graphic design skills you can sell illustrations for commission profits at sites that sell images and stock photos. Example:
  5. If you have photography skills and equipment you can sell stock photography at sites that sell images and stock photos. Example:
  6. If you have audio or music making skills and equipment you can sell song to video ad designers. Example:
  7. If you can make videos or have AfterEffects experience, you can make money selling video advertisement templates. Example:
  8. Here's a reseller program where you can sell phone services to new companies or computer savvy people who don't want to pay for land lines:
  9. Blog professionally. If you have very good writing skills and know how to entice readers, you can make a living off of blogging and profiting off advertising. Check this out: adsense/

There are a lot of reseller programs out there, just Google 'reseller' and a service you might like to provide. Chances are it will take you 1-3 years of 12-hour days before your online job reaches poverty-level profits, but it will only get better from then on.

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    i want join in online job [Reply]

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    diablo3 [Reply]

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