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The Best Free Website Maker

Date: June 18, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Business How To Blog Internet Tips news Tags: , , , Comments: 0

I have been developing websites for 20 years, and I think that the best free website maker is Blogger. There are actually many free 'website maker' services out there just as good as Blogger in different ways, but I think Blogger is the best all around. Blogger is the most practical and focuses on blogging. Impressive looking websites aren't a significant factor in online success or profit right now. Keeping up with the internet trends and generating website traffic is the deal breaker for today's website. Blogger is the most SEO friendly trend friendly free website maker service out there. Just for the record, free website services aren't competitive next to website services you can pay for.


Blogger VS Google Sites

Blogger is one of Google's most popular free website services out there in addition to Google's 'Google site' service. Unlike 'Google Sites' Blogger is centered more around blogging and less around generic website layout construction, but you can still build a standard looking website using Blogger. Blogger is simpler to use then Google Sites because Google Sites offers more layout control. In today's website world, having a unique layout isn't a deal breaker anymore. Website traffic is the biggest hurdle for today's website owners, and you generate website traffic through blogging. Blogger is easier to use for blogging then Google Sites and for this reason I give Blogger the thumbs up over Google Sites. Blogger templates are also twice as attractive then Google Site templates.

Blogger VS Tumblr

Tumblr is a very good Blog and website making service. Tumblr offers about 70 free templates while Blogger offers around 40. Tumblr also offers additional templates for a small fee. Blogger and Tumblr Templates look very similar so it's hard to say which service offers better looking templates. Blogger integrates with more of Google's services and because Google is such a huge part of the internet right now this makes Blogger a better alternative to Tumblr.

Blogger VS Weebly

Weebly is slightly easier to use then Blogger. You also have more control over the layout in Weebly then BLogger. The user friendly admin of Weebly is amazing really. You can create a static site much easier in Weebly then you can Blogger The problem with Weebly is that it's hugely behind in internet trends probably because it is so laborious to update it's complex admin scripts. Anyway, Google makes sure that Blogger is on top of the internet trends, and this isn't too difficult for Google sense Google is the majority of internet trending today. Because Blogger is more compatible with Google's service and other internet trends, I score Blogger higher than Weebly.

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