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Wrist Pain Help – wrist exercise

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This wrist exercise using a 20lbs dumbbell, saved my career and ended my wrist problems.

I've been an AutoCAD operator for two years, a web developer for 15. After two years of AutoCAD, I started getting sever numbness, wrist pain, and strange sensations in my arm. I went to the Dr. and they gave me a wrist brace to sleep with at night.

I learned that using a mouse and typing a lot repetitively every day can irritate your wrist over time causing pain and numbness. Continued repetitive motion can cause irritation and eventually carpal inflammation and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Dr. gave me braces and told me to work out, but that didn't help. I was already an avid weightlifter.

Wrist Excercise

After many years of trying to find a solution, I developed a simple daily wrist exercise with a 10-20lbs weight that made the pain go away. I can type as long as I want as long as I do this simple exercise. The wrist exercise should be done 1-3 times a day, spread out throughout the day and last for about 1-2 minutes. Try to give your wrists a break from work for a week. If you don't have a week to spare, then give them a two-day break. After the two day break your wrists should hurt less than usual. Now is the time to start the daily exercise. Once you start this wrist exercise, your repetitive movement wrist irritation problems should go away. Continue the wrist exercises for as long as you have a job that forces you to make repetitive movements with your wrist.

I'm not a doctor. Consult your physician before you perform this exercise.

Awesome wrist exercise to prevent wrist pain and carpal tunnel.

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