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What Do You Need To Make A Website?

Date: September 20, 2012 Author: ang Category: Internet Tips Websites Tags: Comments: 0

What do you need to make a website? I hear this question a lot and there's no easy answer. A website varies significantly depending on its purpose or goals. All website's need web hosting in the form of a web hosting account. All websites need a domain name. Even if the website you're creating is free, you will still be using the company's domain name subdomain and a free web hosting service. If you want to know more specifics regarding what's required to bring your website idea to life, I recommend filling out my free website diagnostic form.

I went ahead and created a list of what's generally required to create a website in a list below.

Website requirements

  1. Domain name - Here are some tips for choosing a domain name.
  2. Web hosting - I recommend finding a website hosting company that has a PR(page rank) or 5 or higher.
  3. cPanel access - cPanel access is required for a quality web hosting account. A cPanel allows you to backup your website and pay a web developer to fix website issue for you if required.
  4. FTP account capability
  5. The ability to create at least 5 email addresses. - If your website is successful and expands you're going to need an email for our sales department, billing, support, general and possibly employees. I recommend purchasing a hosting service that allows for at least five email addresses to be created.
  6. American tech support. - Before you purchase web hosting or a domain name, go ahead and call their tech support line. is a web hosting company and their support is handled in the Philippines. They're very skilled, but you can hardly understand them sometimes, making tech support a long drawn-out mentally draining event. So check on your tech support before you buy web hosting. Not only is language a possible barrier, but hours of operation can also be a problem. Chances are if they deleted your files, you will have to travel to their location to handle it legally.
  7. Company credibility. - Google the company name you are going to use. You might find some complaints worth looking into. For example, if you Google 'homestead domain problem' you will find this article at the top of the list homesteadcom-your domain name with strings attached. Yes, it's true; the website building company Homestead (also known as Intuit) owns the domains its customers pay for and register. They also charge a user account fee you have to pay to access your domain name. Most all other companies don't do this. You should also check up on a company's credibility by going to the Better Business Bureau website.

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