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Email List How To

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PHPList Basic Instructions

How to send out a newsletter


  1. Login to your email list admin.
  3. Click the 'send a message' link.
  4. Fill in the 'Subject' field.
  5. Fill in the 'Message' field.
  6. Click the 'Save Changes' button.
  7. Click the 'Format' tab.
  8. Check the radio button 'HTML' for the 'Send As:' option.
  9. Select a template from the drop down. The default template I made for you called 'basic' should work fine.
  10. Click 'Save Changes' button.
  11. Click the 'Content' tab.
  12. Click the 'Send Test Message' button to send your email a sample of the newsletter. Your test emails will include a text version and an HTML version of the newsletter, but when you actually send the newsletter only the HTML version will be sent. (To send yourself a test email, your email has to be listed as one of the subscriber's emails. View the next sections on "How to add a user to the list manually" to learn how ad yourself , as a subscriber, to the email list.  )
  13. Once you're happy with the newsletter based on how it looks in your email,click on the 'Lists' tab.
  14. Check the box for the list of users you want to send the newsletter to.
  15. Click 'Send Message to the Selected Mailing Lists'.
  16. Click the link 'process the message queue'


How to add a user to a list manually


  1. Login to your email list admin.
  2. Click 'users'.
  3. Click 'add a user'.
  4. Input their name and email variables.
  5. To avoid sending a confirmation link email for this new user, input a the number 1 into the 'Is this user confirmed'.
  6. To set this new user's preference for emails to html email only, input the number 1 into the 'Send this user HTML emails'.
  7. Under 'Mailinglist Membership:' check the box of the mailing list you want to enter this user into.
  8. Click the 'Save Changes' button.

How to import a list of users into your mailing list

Please refer to the PHPList guide:


You can also contact to do this for you.

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