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How do I create a website like facebook

Date: July 31, 2012 Author: ang Category: Websites Comments: 1

How do I create a website like Facebook? Just to be clear, you can't create Facebook. Facebook is managed by 1200 employees and has had millions of dollars invested in it. You can create a social network website like Facebook, and I'm going to explain how below.

how to make a website like Facebook

I would recommend purchasing web hosting account and installing WordPress. You can then purchase a social networking theme like the ones listed here that use BuddyPress. These membership themes are a far cry from facebook, but they do offer a social atmosphere and interaction.

I like WordPress because it's popular and therefore, relatively stable, and the themes I've referenced are well supported by the authors. There are other social-networking technologies out there also that are less stable and not as graphically appealing than WordPress, but offer features that allow for more social interaction.

Social networking website technologies

  1. PR 7 price: $99-$499 (Jomsocial is actually quit sophisticated for social networking software)
  2. PR7 price: Free (Elgg is very minimal, but allows you to create a social network similar to Facebook all the same.)
  3. PR5 price: $219 (similar to Elgg)

Some critical point you should know about when creating a website like Facebook. Spam is a huge issue, and it's important that you find out if there are addons you can purchase along with your social networking software to combat it. If you don't invest in good spam prevention, you will end up having to upgrade your servers to account for all the spam traffic or spend hours manually deleting all the spam entries. Spam will hit your social network regardless of how many visitors you have registered.

Another very important aspect of creating a socia networking website is advertising. The dirty little secret for getting users to join is that you need to create many fake profiles. I didn't have fake profiles for my social network and 90% of my registered visitors would never come back. It's also a good idea to invest in advertising hard and fast so that people will be joining at the same time creating interaction for one another.

If you're still interested in creating a social network website, you might consider the Affordable Website Package. It's includes web hosting, website setup, a custom logo, email list, SEO and support.

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