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Build Your Own Websites For Free

Date: June 18, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Internet Tips Tutorials Tags: , Comments: 0

In this tutorial I will show you how you can build your own website for free using the website service Yola. This tutorial includes instructions on how to create a 'Testimonials' page and how to order the menu. Like many popular free website services, Yola allows you to upgrade your website to a domain name for a small fee if you so choose. If you require a blog to generate traffic, I would recommend creating a Blogger website, otherwise Yola will work fine for a stagnant site. Follow the instructions below. Yola's phone support sets it apart from many other free website services.

How to build your own website for free

  1. First open up a browser tab and navigate to
  2. Click the 'Get Started' or 'Sign Up' button.
  3. Enter your 'Name', 'Email',  Password' and click the 'Create Account' button.
  4. Enter the name of your business in the 'Enter your business name' field if you're creating a business website or your own name if you're creating a personal website.
  5. Click a website category icon.
  6. Click the 'Build it' button.
  7. Enter your physical store address then click 'Save and edit my site'.
  8. Click the 'Next' link on the yellow bubble and read the helpful notes.
  9. Now let's create a contact page. Click on the 'Add New Page...' option under the 'Page' menu item.
  10. Type 'Testimonials' in the 'Name' field.
  11. Type 'Testimonials' in the 'Heading' field.
  12. Click the 'OK' button.
    You should see your 'Testimonials' page in the nav menu. If you want to change the order of the nav menu, scroll over it with your mouse and select 'Edit Menu'.
  13. Drag and drop the nav elements into your preferred order and click the 'OK' button.
  14. Click the 'Publish to the web' button when you're ready to make your site go live.

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