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Rated BG Strategies

Date: June 22, 2011 Author: ang Category: wow Comments: 0

Eye of the Storm

3v1 Rotating Defense, No Flag I consider this strategy to be the best 3v1 strategy and the overall most effective Eye of the Storm strategy there is. To start, you gain control of a third point (usually by sending seven to one of the opposing bases, seven to your other intended strong point and a single defender at your weak point). After you successfully take control of all three points, you intentionally let the opponent take one of your points if they send more than seven people to any single point.

You then use your forces on the other side of the map to counterattack the base they just left from (the only base they still control) and trade bases with them. Sure, you gave up your base they just attacked, but you just gained the base they left from. You're out-zerging the zerg.

This almost always works because the opposing team in a losing 3v1 situation will almost always have at least one person at the flag. This gives you a one-person advantage (or more) and allows you to easily perform this strategy. If they don't have anyone at flag, they're most likely using the same strategy you are and they're also most likely losing (as you are currently winning using the exact same strategy they are, there is no reason to change).

A quick example of 3v1 Rotating You control Mage Tower, Draenei Ruins, and Fel Reaver Ruins. Your opponents control Blood Elf Tower. You have seven people at Draenei Ruins and seven people at Fel Reaver Ruins. You have a single defender at Mage Tower.

Your opponents decide to attack Draenei Ruins and Fel Reaver Ruins with fewer than seven people at each point. You will most likely win, because you have the advantage of defender (that is, a nearby graveyard) and an equal amount of people at each point.

Your opponents decide to attack Draenei Ruins with 10 people. Your team announces the enemy attack location and number of people attacking. All seven of your defenders at Fel Reaver Ruins move to Blood Elf Tower with the intent on capping it. The single defender at Mage Tower moves to Fel Reaver Ruins. A single person from Draenei Ruins moves to Mage Tower.

The battle now looks like 10v6 at Draenei Ruins and 7v5 (or 4, they might have one person getting the flag) at Blood Elf Tower. You will most likely trade Draenei Ruins for Blood Elf Tower. Everyone who died at Draenei Ruins will spawn at Mage Tower.

You're now back to square one -- you control three bases, the opposing team controls one; you are strong in two points and weak in one (with the correct formation). Nothing has changed.

If, instead of attacking a close point, the enemy decides to attack your weak point (in this case, originally Mage Tower) with lots of people, you can defend from both sides while simultaneously attacking and can actually get a four-cap.

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