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Some Good Website Ideas

Date: July 5, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Business Internet Tips Tags: Comments: 0

I'm a web developer for a living, and I often get some good website ideas floating around in my head. I'd like to share more great web site ideas with you.

A blog website for cities

Cities are filled with eager business owners trying to compete with one another. They often pay yearly to be listed on the city website. It would a great idea to set up a website where business owners could submit blog article to generate traffic to their business profile. As the generate traffic to their profile, they would also generate consumer traffic to the town or city website. There are endless city and towns to do this with.

A hotty tracker website

How many times have you gone into a store and noticed a hottie at the register? You might ask her out, but if she's busy, you will just remember the date and time she worked there so you can try to talk to her later. What if there was a website where guys could make profiles and create a list/schedule of local hotties in his area. Other guys could see the list and mac on the hottie also. A rating system could be implemented so that the more accurate listings get a higher rating. A profile rating that's high can receive points and featured listing on the home page, etc. Many blog owners would take advantage of a good listing to help funnel traffic to their blog.

Project Glass Blog

Project Glass is Google's new brain child. It's new so there aren't many websites or blogs on the subject yet. The longer a domain and website exists that's geared toward a certain subject, the higher search engine ranking Google's awards it. It would be a great idea to start a website or blog on Google Glass while it's new and virgin. Early bird gets the worm when it comes to blogging.

Genetic research blog

Genetic research is still up and coming, but soon it will be a major part of everyday life. I predict that there will be match maker websites where people don't search based on looks so much as for genetic diseases or genetic disposistions. You could create the first website for this service in anticipation.

A website on how to move out of the US

Moving out of the USA and into certain other countries is being searched for a lot more then usual on Google. There are many countries to move along with a constantly changing work environment and living conditions.

Future resurrection

A million years from now, there may exist technology to resurrect people, or piece together people from the jumbled mass of energy they've become after death. A million years is a long time to wait. Countries can be destroyed and forgotten along with all of their history. A website company devoted to preserving human genetic signatures for future resurrection could work... course there would be a fee for your genetic preservation. I suppose a sample of someone's hair could be mailed in per client and a genetic record could be taken and stored using one of these devices maybe? 😀 just a thought.

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