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Best Way For Teenagers To Make Money Online

Date: September 14, 2012 Author: ang Category: How To Blog Websites WordPress Tags: , , , , Comments: 0

I've been brain storming for a while now on different ways to make money online and have come across possibly the best way for teenagers to make money online. There are many ways for a teenager to make money online, but I think a group blog aimed at helping teenagers through relationship issues could be very profitable and easy to produce. True... teenagers aren't psychologists, but this shouldn't be a problem as far as profits are concerned. Yahoo Answers is profiting big time off of teenagers helping teenagers with what seems to be mostly relationship issues. Why not duplicate this formula in the blog version. Teenagers are very busy people, and blogs take years to get profits to start trickling in so I would recommend forming a large group of contributors. Many blogs start with a team of bloggers. Once a blog is the best in its niche, the profits can be significant, even for a group of 10+ bloggers. I would also recommend my Affordable Website Package, which includes consultation.  Below are some specifics on how one could set this up.

How to setup a relationship help blog

  1. Round up 10 people you see everyday at school that have good writing skills and an objective disposition on life.
  2. Use programs to help reduce grammatical errors. reduce grammar errors blogging.
  3. Use forums for teens as a reference for finding out what types of questions they have regarding relationships.
  4. Make it a point that all contributors blog at least once daily.
  5. Use proper keyword research. How to find keywords.
  6. Use Google analytics to track visitor statistics. How to use Google Analytics.
  7. Install Google AdSense for profits. Install AdSense on WordPress.
  8. Once the site brings in 1000 visitors a day, start using as additional ad profits.

Here are some more website ideas for teenagers.

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