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Web page organization

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Web Page Navigation Basics

Your website is made up of web pages. People navigate the web pages in your website using links set up in an intuitive order within a navigation bar or 'nav' bar. These links in the nav bar are called menu items. Nav bar menu items usually link directly to web pages within a website. When one menu item acts as a category to display other menu items it's called a 'parent menu item'. Menu items that appear under parent menu items are called 'child menu items'.

Web Page Navigation Structure

Most web browsers will expect the most common website navigationor wep page organization structure on websites they browse which is: "home | products or services | about us | news | links | contact us". Following a similar navigation structure and order to this one will increase the likely hood browsers will navigate your website successfully. Browse similar websites to your own and see what the most common structure is and design a similar structure to your own website.

Keep It Organized & Intuitive

Some website are unique and require a more original web page  navigation or web page orgnization structure. Make sure your child menu items are sub categories to their parent menu items. For example, 'Iphone' could be a category of 'Apple' and 'Apple' could be a category of 'Smart Phones'. Keeping your navigation intuitive like this is the most effective way to let your customers navigate your website.

Consider Your Target Audience

Keep in mind who your website is for. Design the navigation structure to be understandable to your target audience. If you're a psychologist and your website is for other psychologists, using navigation terms like 'Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy' is useful. If your target audience are customers that don't have a PHD in psychology you should use a term like 'Change Your Bad Habits - CBT'.

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