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IE9(Internet Explorer 9) problems with WordPress

Date: June 26, 2011 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Featured Tutorials WordPress Comments: 5

I've noticed that IE9 has a problem displaying many WordPress websites properly. Most of the time the menu is not showing, the slideshow is not showing, or they show but it's messed up.

You can avoid most if not all of the WordPress IE9 problems by placing a certain meta tag in the head section of your website. This meta tag instructs the IE9 browser to emulate a more compatible version of Internet Explorer(IE8) so that the website will not break. It's ok if you don't understand HTML, just follow the instructions.

  1. Log into WordPress admin.
  2. Select 'Editor' under the 'Appearance' button on the left of the screen.
  3. Click the 'Header' link on the right of the screen.
  4. Copy this line of markup text:

 HTML |  copy code |? 
<!--DVFMTSC-->&lt;meta<!--DVFMTSC--> http<!--DVFMTSC-->−equiv="X<!--DVFMTSC-->−UA<!--DVFMTSC-->−Compatible"<!--DVFMTSC--> content="IE=EmulateIE8"<!--DVFMTSC--> <!--DVFMTSC-->&gt;

  1. Read through the code in the large text field and where you see a line of text that begins like '<meta....' place="" the="" cursor="" in="" front="" of="" it="" and="" paste="" markup="" text="" li="">
  2. Click the 'Update File' button.

Now open a new browser tab and load your website. Refresh the browser by holding down the 'Ctrl' key as you hit the 'F5' key. If your website reloads without the 'WordPress IE9' display problem you've resolved the issue.


  1. Date: August 5, 2012
    Author: George

    Thank you !!!! I got my new site all done and WP would not display WP properly. I usually work in Chrome or Firefox so I did not even think to look at the site in IE until I was done. :-( Thanks lots for this!!! [Reply]

  2. Date: August 5, 2012
    Author: ang

    Sure :) glad it worked [Reply]

  3. Date: August 20, 2012
    Author: Tate

    Internet explorer sucks and I hope we do away with it soon. I definitely needed this just to get my site to load in IE9. Terrible browser that caused me hours of code tweaking but thanks to you I can concentrate on writing content. Thanks [Reply]

    • Date: August 20, 2012
      Author: ang

      Sure [Reply]

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    Author: Furzalex

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