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Best Online Business Ideas

Date: September 15, 2012 Author: ang Category: Business Websites Tags: , , , Comments: 0

A good online business is one without competition and high consumer demand. You can find business ideas like this by thinking ahead. Below are some predictions of profitable services that will be in high demand based on predictions of new needs and technologies that will come about in the near future. If you'd like to pursue any one of these ideas, I recommend you start a blog website based around one of these service ideas. Building a website ahead of time, before any competitors do so will give your website an SEO advantage over any late blooming competition.

If you know anything about economics, then you should be aware that Romney or Obama will be the next president. Both presidents support the Federal Reserve i.e. printing money. The reason the US still appears normal despite the federal reserve and other related inefficient economic methods is because other countries choose trust that the US dollar will become valuable again. The US dollar won't become valuable again as long as the Federal Reserve and inflation exists. The use economy is in for an unpleasant surprise, and I've designed these online business ideas around that probability. Just because the country suffers doesn't mean you have to. There's a way to profit from any situation and making it a point to be the first to meet a potential demand would result in the best online business ideas.

New online business ideas

  1. Online pseudo doctor - I predict that the US Federal government will enact a 'public healthcare' system. It won't work and there will be rationing in the form of long wait periods for treatment, loss of quality of life, and the inability to get treated for costly procedures. Unqualified, but medically savvy individuals will start to offer cost effective diagnosis and treatment to meet this need. I recommend starting a blog on the topic now. When the demand for this type of service increases you can create a service page and funnel your already developed blog traffic to the service page.
  2. Cheap lawyers - The population is increasing. The average income level is lowering and as legal fees are staying the same. People will still want to go to court without an attorney. An online service to help one prepare for court would be in high demand.
  3. Eat affordable - There are many sites that show you how to make comfort food, healthy food and diet foods. Not many websites tell you how to eat healthy for very cheap. A website like this will be very useful, profitable and popular in the hard times to come.
  4. How to Avoid violating county and city regulations - As the economy goes down the drain, people employed by the county will attempt to enact devious codes and rules intended to swindle resident out of property and to pay fines. A site, a blog and or forums, where people can go to report these matters and advise one another will be a popular and profitable site.
  5. Were to find metals - Everyone knows how China is running short on metals. Computers and mechanical devices require precious metals, and they will only increase as time goes on. A website explaining to common people how they can salvage precious metals from old technologies or the ground for profit will be popular.
  6. How to rent rooms in your house - As the economy gets worse, people will still reproduce and need housing. There will be lots of people looking for shelter. Renting rooms out to people will become very very popular in the days to come. Start a blog on the topic.
  7. How to get by with less - Getting by with less will be a popular website or blog as poverty increases.

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