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10 Free Backlinks

Date: June 24, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Internet Tips news SEO Tags: , Comments: 0

Here are 10 free backlinks with relatively good PR(Page Rank). The backlinks mostly come from business listing websites and I've labeled them in order of importance. I've noted the home page pr as well as an estimation of the listings page pr.

10 free backlinks

  1. (home page pr8)  (listing pages ~pr4)
  2. (home page pr4)  (listing pages ~pr2)
  3. (home page pr7)  (listing pages ~pr0)
  4. (home page pr7)  (listing pages ~pr0)
  5. (home page pr5) (listing pages ~pr0)
  6. (home page pr5)  (listing pages ~pr0)
  7. (home page pr5)  (listing ~pages pr0)
  8. (home page pr5) (listing ~pages pr0)
  9. (home page pr4)  (listing ~pages pr0)
  10. (home page pr4)  (listing ~pages pr0)

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