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Buying Backlinks

Date: June 24, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Backlinks Business Internet Tips Online Advertising Tips SEO Tutorials Tags: , , Comments: 0

It's very difficult to convince high ranking blogs to let you submit guest blog posts for them. Chances are they won't respect you unless your blog is of Page Rank 5 or greater. The ironic part is that it's impossible to get high PR unless another website is willing to share it with you, or is it?...

Buying backlinks from high ranking business and blog listing website is something to consider. Not only can a business listing generate a PR boost for your site, it can generate business from the listing service. I've made a list of hight PR business listing sites, their home page PR, an estimated listing page PR and the listing cost. The list is in order of significant.

There are risks to buying backlinks to raise PR:

Purchase Backlinks - High PR backlink business listing sites.

  1. (home page pr7) (listing pages ~pr4) (listing cost $299)-
  2. (home page pr8) (listing pages ~pr6) (listing cost $67.99)-
  3. (home page pr7) (listing ~pages pr5) (listing cost $67.99)
  4. (home page PR6) (listing pages ~pr5) (listing cost $35.95)
  5. (home page PR7) (listing pages ~pr0) (listing cost $69.65)
  6. (home page PR6) (listing pages ~pr0) (listing cost $57.95)
  7. (home page PR 6) (listing pages ~pr0) (listing cost $37.95)
  8. (home page PR6) Since (listing pages ~pr0) (listing cost $63.95)
  9. (home page PR6) Since (listing pages ~pr0) (listing cost $34.95)
  10. (home page PR6) Since (listing pages ~pr0) (listing cost $33.95)
  11. (home page PR3) (listing pages ~pr0) (listing cost $33.94)
  12. (home page pr6) (listing pages ~pr5) (listing cost $299/year)

Make sure to take advantage of these very important 10 free backlinks.


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