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1000 Hits Per Day

Date: July 22, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design How To Blog Internet Tips Tags: , , , Comments: 0

Often bloggers will set goals for blog/website. Maybe bloggers start out at trying to attain 100 hits per day. After bloggers realize that 100 hits per day only generate about 50 cents per day, they raise the bar to 1000 hits per day. So 1000 per day seems to be a very popular benchmark and for good reason.

What's so special about receiving 1000 hits per day on your blog?

When you're getting 1000 hits per day, your AdSense begins to generate about $8 per day! The number articles required to achieve this will vary. For my blog, I estimate 700 250+ word articles are required to generate 1000 guaranteed hits per day.

You also have enough pageviews (50k per month+) at this point to qualify generating ad revenue from So your AdSense ads together with your BuySellAds should generate around  $200/m to $1200/m at this point.

It's also enough traffic to gain respect within the 'blogging community'. When other bloggers respect your blog, they will allow you to create guest blogs for their blogs. Guest blogging is a good way to generate valuable backlinks to your blog from other blogs with similar content, increasing your blog's page rank. Once you have a significant PR of 5 or higher, guest bloggers will start offering to contribute to your blog. Once guest bloggers start helping you out with content, your blog will really begin to flourish, and you can quit your day job.

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