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Best 10 WordPress Themes

Date: June 13, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design How To Blog Internet Tips Online Advertising Tips SEO WordPress Tags: , , , , Comments: 2

Here is a list of the best 10 WordPress themes I've found online 2012. Author support, mobile device compatibly, professional look and feel, attractive blog page and  the ability to add advertising space are things I've kept in mind when reviewing these WordPress themes.

I've tried Template Monster and their support isn't that good, and they don't have a rating system so you don't know what themes buyers have had the most success with. I prefer Themeforest has a rating system, great support, the best themes, and more great themes then any other themes website I've found.

Most people can't achieve ROI while paying for online advertising. The alternative to online advertising is blogging. Blogging is a significant means of generating website traffic to your website. Once you have the steady website traffic flow you can easily funnel them from your blog page to your service page. Since Blogging is a significant  part of today's website's, I've placed a large emphasis on the blog page quality in my best ten WordPress themes selection.

Best 10 WordPress themes

All these themes are mobile device compatible and ad ready.

  1. unispheredesign - This WordPress theme is my first choice. It has a very nice blog page, home page option and the recent blog posts are integrated into the home page for SEO.
  2. confidence - This is my second choice. It's mainly a blog website or ezine website. The ad ready website can be used as a blog site with a slider at the top, which makes it easier to funnel traffic to the services page more so then a standard blog website.
  3. gonzo - Gonzo is my third choice. It's mainly an ezine site.
  4. modernize - Modernize is my fourth choice. The blog isn't as integrated into the home page as the previous mentioned themes, but it's a professional versatile theme.
  5. vamtam - This theme's blog isn't integrated well with the home page unfortunately. It's blog page is so attractive; I would use it for the home page of my site.
  6. wpshow - This is a very SEO friendly blog theme. The colors can change. It's simple and efficient.
  7. linguini - This theme  is very good all around, but its design is geared for wineries, restaurants and culinary.
  8. smartstart - This theme's blog is integrated with the home page well and has a nice blog page. Whether you want to create a blog or just a stagnant service website, this blog can do the trick.
  9. mintithemes - This theme's blog is integrated into the home page. The blog page is very nice. All-around-good theme.
  10. freestyle -  This theme's blog isn't integrated with the home page very well. In order to get link from your high-ranking home page to your recent blog posts you'll have to use a foot widget which isn't ideal. The blog page for this theme is excellent. I would use this theme for a blog and make the blog the home page.

I offer a website package that includes installing any of these themes for you along with a custom logo, email list, web hosting and SEO.


  1. Date: August 17, 2012
    Author: GRVN

    you must post live demo link or at least few images. btw, thanks your lists :D [Reply]

  2. Date: August 17, 2012
    Author: ang

    The titles were demo links. I've posted images to make it more clear. thanks for the criticism. [Reply]

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