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Best Blog Themes For WordPress

Date: June 23, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design How To Blog Internet Tips WordPress Tags: , Comments: 0

Here are some of the best blog themes for WordPress that I've found online. I've selected these themes based on their ability to display ads, mobile compatibility, author support and design.

All the themes I've chosen, have a professional web 2.0 design. All of these themes are 'mobile device compatible' and ready to work with AdSense or any type of advertising. I've put the author's website along with its PR (Page Rank) as an indication of quality. I've also indicated how many times each theme has been purchased so far. I've placed what I think are the best themes at the top of the list.

  1. Theme: sentence - (Purchases:446) Author's website: (PR:6) - This theme is very good and it has a simple universal professional design.
  2. Theme: gonzo - (Purchases: 705) Author's website: (PR:3) - Very fun colorful design. What's nice about this theme is that it incorporates a review system in it, making it a great them to use for reviews in addition to a blog or online magazine.
  3. Theme: nextwpmagazine - (Purchases:136) Authors website: (PR:0) - The best online mobile compatible ezine or online magazine theme available.
  4. Theme: confidence - (Purchases:474) Author's website: none - This theme covers all the basics. It has a minimal gray feel to it.
  5. Theme: rewrite - (Purchases:266) Author's website: (PR:2) - This theme isn't ad friendly, but it has such a unique Apple Mac feel to it that I thought I'd throw it in. You can still place ads on this theme, but the sidebar may be slightly to narrow to fit 2 standard 25X25 pixel ads next to each other. Not a big deal really.

I offer a website package that includes installing any of these themes for you along with a custom logo, email list, web hosting and SEO.

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