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Best Minimal WordPress Themes

Date: July 15, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design WordPress Tags: , Comments: 0

Listed below are some of the best minimal WordPress themes, I could find online. I noted on each listing, whether it's mobile device compatible or not. I also tried to select themes that come from a reputable source that offers support. As a developer a minimal theme is easy to add to as far as customizing it into a niche website theme. As a standard website owner, a minimal WordPress theme means you have a simple easy to navigate website that you can add to if need be. Minimal websites go out of style slower because they use fewer trendy graphics. I would prefer a minimal WordPress theme, just because I don't like fluff. On that note, let's get to the list.

Best minimal WordPress themes

  1. slick $45 (Is mobile device compatible)
  2. flex fit $45 (Is mobile device compatible)
  3. imagine$25 (Not mobile device compatible)
  4. launch $25 (Not mobile device compatible)
  5. minimo $40 (Not mobile device compatible)


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