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Blog Sites For Teenagers

Date: August 6, 2012 Author: ang Category: How To Blog Social Media Social Networking Tags: , , Comments: 0

There seems to be two major types of blog services out there. Blogs for writers and people that want to profit and blog sites for teenagers looking to be trendy, get attention and socialize. In this post, I'm going to focus on blogs for teenagers. Below is a list of the most popular blogs for teenagers. I've listed the Page Rank next to each listing.

blogging sites for teenagers

  1. Tumblr - PR8 - Tumblr is by far the most popular blog for teenagers. It's intuitive, simple and artsy.  The user base is growing exponentially at the moment, and it's very easy to socialize and make new friends there. A very trendy blog site. Tumblr is the easiest blog to use.
  2. - PR7 - Pinterest is a strange sort of image-based-Twitter-blog hybrid. It's social and almost as trendy as Tumblr. The user-base is significantly female. The posts are usually images with a short description. Some people are posting advertisements on Pinterest, but I don't consider the income significant.
  3.  Livejournal - PR8 - This blog site is very similar to Tumblr. Extremely popular even though it's not in the limelight like Tumblr is. There is a more genuine blogger vibe on Livejournal than there is on Tumblr. Trendy bloggers come and go, but Livejournal bloggers tend to stay longer, that is until they grow and get a self-hosted blog.
  4. - PR9 WordPress is all around a great blog so much so that it can qualify as the beginnings of a profit based blog or a teenage social blog. WordPress isn't as social as the two I mentioned above, but it is social. The cool thing about a blog is that you can easily upgrade it to a self-hosted WordPress blog if you want to start a business website or start selling advertising on space on your blog. It's easy to use, but the many options mean there's a learning curve.


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