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Etsy WordPress Themes

Date: July 22, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Internet Tips WordPress Tags: , Comments: 2

If you want a website that looks similar to Etsy, here are some Etsy WordPress themes. These themes are like Etsy in the sense that they look and feel similar, but they don't allow multiple user account. I haven't tested these themes myself, and since it was very difficult to find WordPress themes that looked like Etsy. I've resorted to selecting themes from mediocre sites, so use at your own risk. I've listed the Google Page Rank of the author's site next to each theme as an indication of credibility. I did notice that there are many more Pinterest WordPress themes than Etsy themes.

Etsy WordPress themes

  1. Theme: Emporium | view demo | purchase theme | author website: PR6
  2. Theme: Pinboard | view demo | purchase theme | author website: ericulous.comPR5
  3. Theme: e-Commerce | view demopurchase theme | author website: PR6
  4. Theme: Market | view demo | purchase theme | author website: PR4
  5. Theme: iPhoto | view demo | download theme free | author website: PR3

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