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Google keywords tool for blogging

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Hopefully you already know how useful low competition/popular keywords are for generating organic website traffic to your website or blog posts. The Google Adwords Keywords tool is ideal for finding these important keywords (also referred to as long tail keywords or niche keywords).

How to use the Google Adwords Keyword tool to find useful keyword phrases to use for web pages or blog posts.

Finding popular keywords:

  1. First go to:
  2. In the 'Word or Phrase' field, type in a word or generic phrase relative to the blog post you're planning on writing. I'll type in the word 'business'.
  3. Click the 'search' button.

Notice the keyword tool's results:

In the 'Search term' row you'll see the search term you typed in with the following columns: 'Keyword', 'Competition', 'Global monthly searches' & 'Local monthly searches'.


Keyword - The keyword you searched for or that Google suggested. Ideally we want our keyword to be something we can actually write about in a blog post or on a web page.
Global monthly searches - How many search engine searches are done for this particular keyword around the world, per month.
Local month searches - How many searches are done for this particular keyword within the United States per month. This is usually an important stat to pay attention to. Ideally you want this number to be as high as possible. Also keep in mind that the higher the number of Global Monthly Searches, the higher the chances are that that keyword will also be competitive.

Measuring competition of our keywords:

  1. Make note of the popular keyword you might want to use as a blog post title.
  2. Open up a new browser tab and navigate to
  3. Google your keyword surrounded by quotes. Example: "start a business". Notice the number of search results. These results are the number of other web pages competing to be noticed for this keyword. A keyword with 80,000 search results  or lower with at least 400 Global Monthly Searches or more is ideal. The higher the Global Monthly Searches and the lower the search results, the better.
  4. Repeat the steps above and keep a note of all the keywords you can create blog topics with.

It may take some time playing with the keywords tool to find the perfect keywords like this to blog about, but it is the most effective free way to generate traffic to your website. Incorporating AdSense can also help a blogger generate extra monthly income. If you sells a product on your website, consider blog topics that attract your target audience for that product. Your blog post should be 400-700 words long.

Watch the video on the next page for a walk through on the basics of using the Google Adwords Keywords tool for blogging.

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