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How do I get traffic to my website for free

Date: August 2, 2012 Author: ang Category: SEO Websites Comments: 2

How do I get traffic to my website for free?" You can generate web traffic by blogging, social networking, using viral media and There are certain advantages to each of these options, and I will discuss them below.


Blogging is probably the most popular method of generating web traffic. This blog is a good example of a traffic generating tactic. WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are the most common blog technologies used. Blogs can generate a lot of website traffic is proper SEO tactics are used. WordPress and Blogger blogs allow you to set up AdSense and other forms of display advertising revenue. Blog owners write articles tailored to a specific demographic, then using links or popup ads, 'funnel' the traffic to a web page that sells a product. Here's a website package that can get you started with a profitable blogging foundation, and it's what I use. Many blogs focus on generating subscribers to an email list, so they regularly send discount and sale notifications to customers. The difficult aspect of Blogging is that it requires relatively good grammar. I recommend investing in White Smoke to help with this problem.

Social Networking

Social networking can be another way to generate website traffic. Most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube. If you're attractive, entertaining or good at sales, you can generate a lot of followers and promote your website to them once in a while. Unlike blogging, Social networks don't allow you to profit from ads. Social networks make money off selling advertising directed at website traffic it's members generate. For this reason, I prefer social blogging over social networking. I have noticed some people able to generate large amounts of traffic to their online profile with much less work then blogging, but it's usually an attractive profile owner attracting wanna be suitors.

Viral Media

This method can generate huge bursts of traffic much faster than blogging and social networking, with the least amount of work. The problem with viral media is that it's usually entertainment based, and targeting any other demographic is very difficult. If you target a demographic that not relevant to your website's content, you will get a high bounce rate which isn't good. Viral media is usually a funny image or video with a reference to a website on it. Another drawback of viral media compared to other methods is that it's difficult to achieve and there's no subscriber list. Here are some examples of viral media.

Youtube is in a category of its own, because many people use it as sort of a video blog. The cool thing about Youtube is that not only can you make videos regularly, to generate subscribers and earn advertising revenue, but there's a chance that a video might go viral. If you're attractive, you can also generate traffic the sameway social media profiles commonly do. I think Youtube is an awesome way to generate income online equal to blogging. You can create the videos using a smartphone or a free desktop video recording application( and edit video on Youtube. Creating a Youtube channel and using it as a video blog doesn't require good gramar or writing skills. In order to profit from advertising on Youtube you will also need to setup an AdSense account. Like blogging SEO knowledge is required for optimal Youtube traffic generation. Youtube traffic can be funneled to a Product web page. William Johnson probably lives off his Youtube channel entertaining people and profiting off AdSense.

  1. Date: August 2, 2012
    Author: Phil

    Ang Your site 2slick is really sick. There's some really impressive content that you're sharing here and I enjoyed very much reading your posts on ranking and traffic generation. Can you give any recommendations with regards your social media and viral activity. Is this something that you are having much success with? Regards Phil [Reply]

  2. Date: August 2, 2012
    Author: ang

    I haven't had a lot of success with social media. I think that most people who have technical problems use Google's search engine to find answers. I think people visit social media websites to socialize and be entertained, and I can't offer much to that kind of demographic. I would recommend Google+ as a social media platform because it has superior tracking features (Google+ ripples). Viral material seems to be entertainment based also. I've never been successful at making something go viral. [Reply]

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