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Internet lead generation

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In this post I'm going to explain how a new business owner can develop leads over time using a website blog. These tactics can be applied to any online business that requires leads. First of all, getting website traffic is easy with Adwords, it's just expensive during the refinement stage in the beginning. If you don't have a lot of money to risk on Adwords, then there's blogging. Google loves blogs and website with consistently new content output. New informative or important online information is the lifeblood of the internet, so why not take part? If you have a blog and you can provide information people want to  to read, you can bet that Google will send traffic your way.

Ideally you should have information to offer and there should be people willing to browse the internet for it. Also ideally your readers should be the target audience of a product or service you can offer/display on your website.

  1. First let's consider your product details. Let's pretend you sell land that's an hour from the city on 5 acre parcels.
  2. Next let's consider who the best customer (target audience) might be for this product. Who are the people that live there now? Probably retired people, vineyard owners, people that raise cattle, people that like to ride horses and middle class couples with very young children.
  3. Next we're going to use the Google search engine and Google AdWords Keyword Tool to generate a list of worth-while blog topics to blog about. Lets start with an idea for the keyword, like 'buy country property'. Type 'buy country property' in the 'Word or Phrase' field and click search.

    Google will display a list of suggested keywords to consider. The higher the 'Local Monthly Searches' the better. You're also looking for a word that will attract readers that are also your target audience for the product you offer. Make a list of all the keywords you're interested in blogging about.

    Notice the search results are "About 55,100 results". You're only  interested in keywords with 80,000 search or lower. The lower the search results the better. Search results are the number of other web pages competing to be noticed for that keyword.
  4. Now to write some blogs. Ideally you should write blog posts around 500 words in length or more. Include pictures if possible. Use proper formatting and grammar.

Website tips and tricks

  1. A WordPress blog on a hosted server is the best. Custom WordPress themes look the best these days and you can buy them from You may require a developer to set it up for you.
  2. Make sure you install the WordPress plugin: Related Posts Widget This will help give readers more material to read and decrease the risk or 'bounces'. If a reader leaves your site without clicking on a link Google considers this a 'bounce' not a good thing.
  3. Make sure to break up your blog posts into 2 separate pages. Doing this will force users to click on a link to finish reading your awesome post and also lesson the chance of getting a bounce.
  4. Write a new blog post everyday if possible. The more posts you make, the more web traffic your site will get. You blog traffic will increase as will the quality of your customers as you get more skillful at finding blog topics to write about.
  5. Install Google Analytics so you can monitor your traffic Google.
  6. A link to an email list or newsletter signup displayed on all your posts may also help you keep track of interested reader/potential customers.
  7. Install SnapEngage so you can talk to your readers as they browse your website answering any questions and increasing the likely hood to sell products. It's free for low traffic websites.
  8. I offer an Affordable Website Package designed around these winning tactics plus.

Visit the next page to watch a video tutorial on how to find blog topics using Google Search engine and keywords tool.

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