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How Do You Get Your Picture On Google

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How Do You Get Your Picture On Google?

How can I get my photo on Google with me name next to it?

It's no secret that people are researching one another online when it comes to employment, dating or even making new friends. You can get your photo online easily, just upload it to a free photo sharing or hosting website. There's more to it though. Just because your photo is now uploaded to the internet doesn't mean it's associated with your name. To make any particular photo appear when someone Google's your name, you need to include your name in the title or description of the image. Any online photo hosting or sharing service allows you to add a title and or description with the images you upload, so make sure do it.

The easiest way to have a your photo appear when someone Google's your name is to create an online profile on a social networking website. Below are the most popular social networking websites.

  2. Google+

Here's more: social-networking-websites

The more social networking websites you create profiles on with a photo; the more photos will show up when someone Google's your name. It will also increase the likelihood that your photo sill popup when someone searches your name.

Make sure to keep a record of all the websites you register for so you can delete your profile or make it private if you ever decide to do so.

If you have SEO knowledge and want to make a specific photo appear when someone Googles a particular name, you can best accomplish this with a dedicated hosted or shared hosted website and image.

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