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How To Find Friends On Tumblr

Date: August 8, 2012 Author: ang Category: Social Networking Tags: , Comments: 0

Tumblr isn't just a place for idle chit chat, it's a powerful social-networking tool. If you use Twitter to market a product and generate leads, you will be right at home on. Here's how you can easily make friends on Tumblr.

How To Find Friends On Tumblr

  1.  Follow other people. Like Twitter, when you follow someone on Tumblr, they will most likely follow you back. There is a follow limit of 5000 per day.
  2. Comment on blog posts. When people see your comments, like minded readers will follow you from time to time.
  3. Post unique interesting content. People read your blog posts and they will follow you when they like what you write and want to read more. The more quality content you post the better.
  4. Message authors that you want to make friends with and ask them to follow you or start a conversation.
  5. Create an appealing avatar image. Taylor your profile avatar image to cater to your target audience and sometimes they will follow you out of interest.
  6. Create a Tumblr name that's easy to remember so that people can verbally spread your blog name around.

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