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How To Get People To Follow Me On Twitter

Date: August 5, 2012 Author: ang Category: Social Networking Tags: Comments: 0

Twitter followers are good for business and websites, and the popular question is "how to get people to follow me on twitter"? You can get followers on Twitter by following other people. Many people appreciate being followed on Twitter, so they will follow you back. This is the quickest way to get followers on Twitter if you don't have a website to earn 'natural Twitter' followers via a Twitter follow icon link.

Twitter daily follow limitations

Before you start following anyone you can find on Twitter, you should realize that there's a limit to how many accounts you can follow. Twitter enforces a limit to how many account you can follow based on a follower to follower ratio. You can follow at most 1000 'Twitterers' a day before Twitter blocks you. This isn't a ban just a limitation. Wait the next day and follow another thousand. The follower to follower ratio limit will start to be inforced when you reach 2000 followers at wich point you will have to depend on people following you back to raise your following cap.

Don't just follow anyone. Try to follow people with similar subject matter to your own Twitter account or referenced website. This is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.

How to get banned on Twitter

When you reach your following limit, you will notice a few hundred or so 'Twitterers' are following you back while a thousand or more aren't. It's tempting to just un-follow the 'ungrateful swine' so you can find more mutual followers, but this is dangerous. There is one thing Twitter will ban you for, and that when they catch you un-following and following large amounts of users within a short time period ‘Aggressive Follow Churn’. Twitter doesn't give too many details on what qualifies as ‘Aggressive Follow Churn’, so the best thing you can do is to just seem natural.

Bypass Twitter's ‘Aggressive Follow Churn’ ban

There is a way to bipass Twitter's ‘Aggressive Follow Churn’ ban. Create a primary Twitter account and multiple secondary accounts. Use the secondary account to spam follow people. Once you reach your folower to follower limits on the secondary account let them sit for a month. Note the Twitter accounts that followed you back on your secondary accounts and add them to your primary Twitter account. This will ensure that you follow mutual followers on your Primary account. Delete the used secondary Twitter accounts when you're done with then and create more to continue the process.

Natural Twitter followers are the best

The best way to get Twitter followers is naturally i.e. from a blog Twitter reference link or similar. As far as I know there is no limit to how many people can follow your account. Once you reach your cap this will be your only realistic means to generate new Twitter followers.

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