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Purchase 3 low competition, Popular Blog Topics relative to your website's theme.

The intent of offering high traffic blog topics is so that bloggers will use them to create high traffic blog posts. There are many blog topics a blogger can write about but knowing what posts will become popular isn’t always easy. We will research the and find the most popular blog topics for you that are relevant to the content of your blog. All we need to get started are some keywords regarding the theme of your blog.

Using (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Tools,
and the keyword phrases you provide, we will
research 3 high traffic, low competition blog topics for you to write about.
Estimated traffic per blog topic, using our keyword
phrases, is 1-8 hits per day. In a 6 month period we
estimate you will receive about 540 click. For $19 that
equates to about $.04 cents per click.
Our average ranking for your blog post is estimated
to be on the first or second page of Google organic
search results. There's no better way to generate
popular blog topics.

There's more to creating a successful blog post then just
having a popular blog topics, so please check out our post on:
Blog Posting Tips: read more.



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