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Date: April 6, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Tutorials WordPress Tags: , Comments: 0

It's very common for nonprofit websites to link to a sponsor from a logo. Most websites will have the list of sponsor logos at the bottom of their website or in the sidebar. WordPress allows you to put a sponsor's logo link in the sidebar or the footer area using widgets.

Create sponsor links using the sponsor's logos on your WordPress website.

  1. Log into your WordPress admin.
  2. Click on 'Posts'.
  3. Click on 'Add New'.
  4. Place the cursor in the main content are, make sure the 'Visual' tab is selected and click the 'Add an Image' icon.
  5. Click the 'Select Files' button, navigate to your file and upload it.
  6. Replace the link in the link in the 'Link URL' field with a link to your sponsor's website(include 'http' at the beginning of the url), for 'Alignment' check 'None', for 'Size' check 'Thumbnail' and press the 'Insert into Post' button.
  7. Click the 'HTML' tab above the content area.
  8. Highlight and copy the entire code snippet.
  9. Click on Appearance'.
  10. Click 'Widgets'.
  11. Drag a text widget into either the sidebar widget area or the footer widget area, title the widget 'Sponsors Links' and paste the code snippet into the content area.
  12. You can place as many sponsor links code snippets into the 'Sponsor Links' widget.


Walkthrough video on how to add logo sponsor links to your WordPress website:


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