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Striking WordPress Themes

Date: July 11, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design WordPress Tags: Comments: 0

Below is a list of striking WordPress themes. I wanted to find some bold, in-your-face type of themes, so I did some research. I noticed that a striking website doesn't depend on text or even color, but rather images. The larger the images on a website, harder it is to ignore them. It makes sense to have a large image(s) on your website if you're trying to evoke an autonomic emotional response after all humans are highly visual creatures. Images can also be tailored to match the specific subject matter of your website. Basically, I've chosen WordPress themes that have large images as part of their design scheme. There are a lot of themes geared around large photos, but many of them are for photography sites. I ignored photography oriented themes and selected more generic designed in stead. I wanted to find themes any business could use who wants to evoke emotion from the visitor.

So I've collected what I think are striking bold WordPress themes from the internet. I've listed the Page Rank of the themes authoring websites next to the themes demo link as an indication of credibility or popularity. I haven't tested these themes. I've also indicated whether the themes are mobile device compatible next to the page rank.

Striking WordPress themes

  1. Them: greenearth $50, from PageRank 7 (mobile device compatible) - This theme has a slideshow that spans the entire width of the page. Very cool looking and perfect for landscapes or long images.
  2. Theme: mentor $40, from PageRank 7 (mobile device compatible) - This theme has a very business corporate feel. The slider image is bigger then standard websites, so I think this theme has a lot of potential to be striking.
  3. Theme: flexishop2 $55 from PageRank 7 (NOT mobile device compatible) - This theme is an feminine eCommerce ready theme with a very big slider.
  4. Theme: twoo $40 from PageRank 7 (this theme is mobile device compatible) - This theme is made of images stacked next to and on top of one another like blocks. When you scroll over the images they change from gray to color.
  5. Theme: shepard $45 from PageRank 7 (this theme is mobile device compatible) - This theme has a very large slider image. One of the largest I've seen. The colors and sift and the theme has a feminine feel.
  6. Theme: adapt $50 from PageRank 7 (this theme is mobile device compatible) - This theme is amazing. The slider image extends the entire width of the screen. The style and formal font used gives the theme a regal yet web 2.0 feel.
  7. Theme: incidental $45 from PageRank 7 (this theme is mobile device compatible) - This theme uses background images as the main focus of the pages and posts. This theme is very bold, but it's dependent on large images. If you purchase this theme, be ready to spend some money on stock photos. I recommend because it's quality and affordable. There's no denying this is a striking WordPress theme.

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