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Tips For Writing A Blog

Date: June 11, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design How To Blog Internet Tips Tags: , , , Comments: 0

Here are 10 great tips for writing a blog along with some explanations.

Ten tips for writing a blog

  1. Mention your keyword(s) in the blog title. Most blog titles are printed as HTML headers when the reader visits the web page. Since Google and most search engines give higher relevance to words in the header tags, you should make an effort to place your keyword(s) the blog title.
  2. Mention your keyword(s) in the first paragraph. The first paragraph of your blog post is the most important one. Google and possibly other search engines give priority to words mentioned in the first paragraph compared to later paragraphs so mention your keyword(s) there.
  3. Use paragraphs, spacing, bold and head tags. Google and possibly other search engines recognize average looking formatting. If Google recognizes un-average text post formatting there's a lesser chance you rank well. Bolding text, using headers and paragraph tags are standard in blogs, and they help SEO your post.
  4. Don't color text it's bad typography. Don't make text different colors it's ugly and an outdated method for bringing attention to certain words. Instead use spacing and bold text.
  5. Don't change the size of text it's bad typography. Don't change the size of your text.
  6. Be straight forward and to the point. No excess wordiness or readers will leave your page sooner possibly resulting in less ad clicks and revenue.
  7. 250 words or more blog posts. You don't really 500 or more per blog post. If people aren't bouncing Google will realize it's a legit web page. As of now, it is a good idea to create posts 250 words or longer.
  8. Pick one or two keywords that will work and add more later. You can use the Google Analytics keyword tool to check what keywords people are searching for to bring up your posts content. If those keywords aren't mentioned in your blog post, intermingle them in. This is a sure way to up your posts organic traffic over time while letting the search engines do some of the leg work.
  9. Link to related posts. If you have a blog post that can expand on another blog post link it. Not only will this help the reader learn more, but it will up your 'page views' and search engine ranging. You might also consider this helpful WordPress plugin (SEO Auto Links & Related Posts). If you do use an SEO plugin, manage the settings so that it's natural seeming. Many WordPress plugins have the potential to 'over do it' with the linking.
  10. Update your articles. Update your blog posts once in a while. Updating your articles will keep the posted date current, keep the information current and help you generate traffic easier than if you were to simply write a new blog post.






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