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What does “talking about this” mean on Facebook?

Date: August 5, 2012 Author: ang Category: Business Social Networking Tags: , Comments: 0

What does "Talking About This" mean on Facebook? I saw this on my business websites Facebook Fan Page and researched it. It turns out that the 'Talking About This' stat is the number of times people have completed one of the following actions on your Facebook page:

  • 'Liked' your Favebook Fan Page
  • Posted on your Facebook Page wall
  • Commented on one of your Facebook Page posts
  • 'Shared' one of your Page's posts
  • 'RVSPing' to one of your events
  • Answer questions on a Facebook Page
  • Mentioning/tags your Facebook Page in a comment
  • 'Photo tagging' your Facebook Page
  • 'Checking in' at your Business location
  • 'Recommending' your business

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