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How To Design A Company Website

Date: June 6, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Business How To Blog Internet Tips Tutorials WordPress Tags: , , Comments: 0

To design a company website you will need to do various things in the proper order. The first steps should be completed before the later ones. I created this list with thrift and performance in mind.

Steps to creating a company website

  1. First you will need to purchase a domain. How to find a domain name. Buy/use a domain name that's over 6 months old if possible.
  2. You will need to design a logo that will be legible when printed small.
  3. A web hosting account has to be purchased to host your website.
  4. Set up a and a email accounts using the cPanl for your hosting account.
  5. I would recommend setting up a WordPress website on the web hosting account.
  6. Purchase a custom WordPress theme to make your WordPress website pretty and professional looking. Make sure your WordPress custom theme is mobile device compatible.
  7. Setup a blog page on your WordPress website so that you attract organic traffic from Google to your website. Blog 1-5 times per day. Use Google's keyword research tool.
  8. Depending on your business type, you will also want to setup an email list visitors can subscribe to. This will only help you keep track of potential customers and give you the ability to notify subscribers of sales, new products and events.
  9. You will want to format your Blog posts and pages consistently.
  10. Create a products page and list your services. It's also a great idea to install snapengage on your products page to help 'hook' potential customers.
  11. You will want to purchase a 800 number. The most affordable quality 800 service i've come across is
  12. Depending on whether you're selling service online or not you may also want to consider using PayPal. Once your business grows you can upgrade your service to PayPal's Payflow Pro.
  13. Create a Yelp, Google+ page, Google Places, Facebook Page, Twitter and an RSS(Feedburner) account for your new company website. Link to these profile pages as social media icons from your website.
  14. Make sure to create contact page using a contact form.
  15. Don't put your email address on your website and turn off comments to avoids spam.

I offer a website package that does all of this for you except the 800 number. It's called the Affordable Website Package.

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