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How To Make A Website For Google AdSense

Date: July 22, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design How To Blog Internet Tips Tutorials WordPress Tags: , , Comments: 0

In this post, I will show you how to make a website for Google AdSense. Instead of explaining the almost infinite options to you, I'm going to tell you what's optimal and how to go about achieving it. If you'd like to skip to the chase, I can set up the perfect AdSense optimal website for you as part of the Affordable Website package. This is just a general walk through to point you in the right direction and give you the best foundation possible.

What most website owners find is that, building a website is easy compared to generating website traffic. A SEO website won't generate significant traffic on its own. If you don't have money for advertising estimated about $400 month, then you will have to blog to get traffic instead. The most successful bloggers spend three to five hours a day blogging.

How do I choose a proper domain name

Here's the best advice I can give you on how to choose a good domain name. If you can manage to purchase a domain name that's existed for at least SIX months, do so. Domain names under SIX months old may not show up in Google'S search results.

What CMS is best for AdSense

You're going to want to use a WordPress theme. WordPress themes are the best and the best themes online are sold by Purchase web hosting and install the WordPress theme using cPanel.

Setup AdSense

Create an AdSense account and place the ads strategically on your sidebar and blog pages.

Use proper keywords and meta tags

Make sure you have the proper meta tags in your HTML. Use Google's Keyword Tool to find proper keywords for your blog website.


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