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Niche Websites

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Here is a list of five profitable niche websites in action. These are just some of the many successful niche websites online today.

Here is an online cupcake bakery. I never really thought about the fact that cupcakes are one of the most popular items in a bakery. This is a very good niche website idea.

Here's a website business that only caters to real estate agents.

Here's a website business that provides website services for lawyers only.

This online store focuses on selling different types of soup.

This store in the UK sells only cups and mugs.

How to find a niche market

Start by thinking about your favorite products and services. If you could only buy a portion of the service or product what would it be? Can this product or service be refined, expanded upon, or offered in more than one verity?

My website is a niche product. I took the best services people use when they create websites and turned it into a one product website package. While other large companies make millions offing a plethora of services, I just offer a fraction of the services. Because my sole focus are these few products, I am able to find ways to offer more for less within the niche.

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