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What Should I Blog About

Date: July 5, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design How To Blog Tags: , Comments: 0

What should I blog about? What should i put on my website? I hear these questions often from new bloggers. A blog takes several years to develop significant traffic for and the narrower your blog subject matter the better. Below are four things you should consider when deciding what to blog about.

Topic Stability

Will the subject matter of your blog topic last at least a lifetime? Blogs take around two years to develop significant traffic from. Picking a stable blog topic is in your best interest. For example, you wouldn't want to write a blog about a particular presidential election, because once it's over people won't care so much about it. You wouldn't want to write about a boxing match for the same reason. Broaden your blog's subject matter enough to be stable, but only just enough.

Content Material

Google like blogs with a focussed subject. The more focussed your blog is on a particular subject or topic the higher Google will rank your blog posts in search results. Just don't narrow your blog's subject matter so much that you can't find new material to write about. A blog can last a lifetime.


Your blog topic needs to be popular. The more popular the blog topic the better. Don't bother writing blog posts on topics that no one cares about or no one will visit your blog, and you won't get any website traffic. Use Google's Keyword Tool to research a good blog subject. Here's a current list of the most popular blog topics.

Like factor

A blog can last a lifetime and become a significant part of your income if done right. You don't want to spend your life writing about something you aren't interested in. Ideally, your blog should be of a topic that you're passionate about. Here's a good example. Dr Chu, a Rye Brook Pediatric Dentist, has a blog where he writes about teeth-care and children which directly relates to his business and passion:

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